CEO of Connectus, Product Manager, Designer,

Software Developer, MI Analyst

Gary Pick

Extensive knowledge of PR market. Product management. Software development. Branding. Content marketing. Market strategy. Product development. Product marketing strategy.

Founded Connectus. Connectus created and maintains NewsBox. NewsBox is a unique news sharing platform created to help businesses but can be used by anyone interested sharing stories and monitoring the results. NewsBox combines features of your popular newswire, newsroom, newsletter, newsfeed and newsgroup solutions into a single low-cost intelligent solution.

My post grade school education started with a focus on psychology but then I gravitated towards business and technology. The combination of the humanities and tech, I feel, keeps things interesting.

I have over 15 years experience in the telecommunications industry in various roles including programming, sales, marketing & PR, and other technical roles. In customer-facing roles, I established relationships with industry leading tech companies, schools and organizations. Those contacts provided the network facilitating other ventures.

Projects include:




You can do it.  We can help.

Media intelligence platform.

Local music platform.

Sport apparel and merchandise.

Goatee Golf

Media Work




Being a creative person, I am regularly working on various creative projects including personal projects.

Creative Work

Black Moss Creative


Public Speaking


I am a very creative person and like to work on new projects and create new ideas. I am a writer, artist, play guitar, love sport of all kinds, rock climbing, biking, running, rugby, avid reader, love my family and making new friends. I also love engineering, travel, have a passion for news and staying up-to-date on what is happening.



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